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The Other World Waiver has to filled out once per calendar year. You will still have to fill out an Ambush waiver at the field

All tickets are NON-Refundable 

-Jacktac customs Pistol Kumite-
Tournament rules

Tournament is to be played on the Badlands Speed field only @Ambush Airsoft.

-This is a 3v3 Tournament.
-May sign up as a duo, but teams will be randomly filled to 3 players. ( we do this to try and promote even gameplay. You must purchase a duos ticket, good for two players to play duos)
-Please be prepared to play with random player(s)
- This tournament is Pistols only. No M4 or other rifle bodied replicas will be permitted. SMG’s are NOT pistols. (we may do more games allowing other classes in the future if this game gets good feedback)(No stocks or carbine kits allowed on your pistols.
-We highly recommend HPA or CO2, but players may choose to use gas or aep if they feel their replica will run ok depending on the temperature on game day.
- HPA taps that utilize M4, MP5 or ARP9 type mags or Drum mags will be permitted.

- Replicas will be inspected and allowed/disallowed at the discretion of game staff
- We will not require it, but are asking all players to use Tracer units and bbs.
- SEMI-AUTO ONLY, no full auto and no binary triggers mechanical or electronic.
-NO limit on the amount of Magazines you can carry .
- Tournament format will be a round robin with the top 4 teams moving into bracketed semi/finals to determine the winning team.
- Each match will have up to three rounds that will be 2 minutes long the Match is best of two rounds with teams switching sides each round
- Rounds will begin with players at the rear starting position with barrels touching the starting barrier
- Players will turn and enter the game at the sound of the horn.
- Gun hits do not count
- Friendly fire counts
- there is NO minimum engagement distance for this tournament
- Trade kills will award points to both teams
- When a player is hit, they are to put their hand up and walk off the field to the scoring side. They may yell hit if they wish, but it is the responsibility of the opposing team to communicate how many opponents are left to their teammates. Please stop shooting and let players out when they are hit. Referees will not call players hit but will out a player for not calling hit.
- Points will be awarded for objective points being taken combined with kills scored
-each objective taken will be worth TBD
- each kill will be worth TBD

-Tie breakers will be 1 minute sudden death first kill wins, Trades reset the sudden death in solo
matches, in multiple player teams both players are eliminated to let their teammates continue.
-Late shots are NOT trades and do not count as kills.

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