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During the 5th year of the 2nd American Civil War the Federation of America started taking over land for training and research. Wishwell is one of many once peaceful towns that fell subject to this. Arkanis Labs became a military base. They say they were hear to protect us but  something bigger was Happening!  


Breaking news!

On October 1st 2022

After 7 years and 16 days the war is over! I repeat the War is over!

The small town of Wishwell Pennsylvania is ground zero to what was know as the final battle. Leaders from both sides will meet in Washington this afternoon to discuss and sign new legislation for the New America. Thousands have given their lives for the love of their country. Hopefully this will be the beginning of making things right.


October 2nd 2022

1 day after the rebirth of this great country the military has been seen putting up fences and barriers around a section of Wishwell PA. We are being told that the fences are to prevent anyone from entering or leaving during the clean up of the Final Battle. Hopefully soon this small town can get back to normal.


October 3rd 2022 

Government officials are in search of Dr. Joseph Church. Church worked for The Federation as an chemical weapons specialist. Last known whereabouts were Wishwell Pa. There is footage that pins him in Wishwell during the final battle. He is said to be wounded and very dangerous. A reward in gold for his capture is being offered by the American government. If you have any information please contact our hot line 717-454-0666

October 5th 2022 

7 years of civil war and now this. A nightmare, like something out of a horror movie. Zombies or something else? No you heard me right, this is not a joke, not Fake news. If I didn't see it with my own eyes I wouldn't believe it either. Did war cause this? The government? Or something else?


October 7th 2022

Please help us! Hundreds of survivors are fighting for their lives, trying to leave the once peaceful city of Wishwell Pennsylvania. The military forces at all city exits refuse to let anyone leave. They have even threatened us with deadly force. They say we are all infected . May God help us all.


October 10th 2022

These zombies that they are calling Subject 118s are only part of the problem. Criminals have formed together looting and killing. They believe the end is here so they might as well enjoy it.

Journal Entries from behind the wall


October 14th 2022

We have lost all communication with the outside world. No way in or out, Sub118s numbers are growing rapidly. We are all going to die here!

October 15th 2022

May God help us all!!!!!!!!!!

October 16th 2022

An internal war has started! Factions have formed! Instead of the living working together to fight the Sub118s they started fighting each other. The criminal leader was heard getting his troops fired up before battle.

"Today we will teach a lesson to all who oppose us. We will show the world what we are capable of. Anyone or thing that stands in our way we will silence. We are fearless. If we continue to fight together we will be kings in this new world. They call us criminals. No, not anymore. We are the New World Order". Criminals and the military start this war with the survivors getting caught in the crosshair. The survivors tried to stay out of it but they were pushed to violence and were victorious in surviving the dead and the living.

After the first battle I overheard a victory speech from the Survivor leader


"By sticking together we are alive. By working together we will survive. We must keep our eyes open. There will always be enemies like the criminals trying to kill us or Sub118s trying to eat us.These are dark times! But Wishwell will not be forgotten by the rest of the world. Because of us word is out. Every newscast on the globe is talking about what the government tried hiding here. We did that.  We are heroes. We are Survivors"!!!

The world saw what was going on because of the survivor heroics but it was only temporary.

After losing in battle the military leader got horrible news from his superiors

"Well great job soldiers! You have completed all the missions I have for you. You are all heroes of the new America. It's unfortunate that no one will ever know the heroics you have displayed in Wishwell. This will be our last communication, I hope you understand. General Mays out"!

Yes that's right abandoned by their own country. Forever trapped! Pretty fucked up!

October 17th 2022

New FOA soldiers show up. Crazy they don't realize they will never go home!

October 18th 2022 

The original Military faction meets with the new soldiers and try to explain what happened to them but no one listens. They decide they will no longer do the bidding of the FOA government and they now go by the Veteran Faction. 

October 30th 2022

The President of the Federation of America makes a public statement about the outbreak. He says it was all a hoax put on by some young dumb people. The outbreak is just "Fake News"!

November 1st 2022

The fence and barriers around Wishwell are removed and replaced with state of the art electric walls. All roads leading to the city are blocked and rerouted. Anyone trespassing will be shot. 

November 5th 2022

Anything mentioning the name Wishwell has been removed like it never existed.

February 10th 2023

The war for Wishwell wages on. 

June 26th 2023

To make matters worse anyone infected outside these walls are now being put back into Wishwell! 

October 1st 2023

365 days since the outbreak! The living have excepted that they will never leave!

October 20th 2023

A new group of Military arrive at Wishwell!!!!!






Dr. Joseph Church slammed his fist against the keyboard. He screamed into his digital voice recorder. "Failure!" Shaking his head, Dr. Church hit the proper sequence code to flush the serum and reset the program for the next test. "Test Subject 117, no change. Readings indicate mutated cells are still active."
Church operated the rotating syringe holder and took three syringes out of storage. He attached the needle, tapped the vial and squeezed to plunger until the air bubble shot out the needle head. "Injecting test subject 118."
There was a chirp on the intercom. "Doctor Church?"
"Subject showing signs of energetic motion. He's clawing at the glass. Eyes dilated, more quickly than the other tests."
The chirp sounded again. "Doctor Church?"
Church continued speaking into the DVR. "Clawing... It looks as though he's trying to break out. Test Subject 118 showing violent reaction to serum. Eyes are rolling back into his head, tail swaying like a snake charmer's pet, fangs...elongated? How is that poss--”
“Dr. Church!”
“Oh, Christ’s sake! What is it? I’m right in the middle of some--”
“Doctor, there’s been an, uh, incident.” The electronically filtered voice stated.
Dr. Church turned away from the intercom speaker and back to the first rat, Test Subject 117. “Dead?” He spoke into his voice recorder. “Test Subject 117, fatal reaction to the serum. Swelling indicates his heart expanded and arrested.” He turned off the voice recorder. “Poor little guy. Didn’t have the heart for the work.” He giggled at his own joke. “Heart for the work.”
Church turned the DVR back on. “Test Subject 118 still aggressive. He seems to have, whoa! he’s clawing out his own--”
“Doctor Church! You need to come with me! Open the door, please.” The loud banging that came across the intercom emphasized the soldier’s frustration.
Dr. Church was shocked, having forgotten the soldier was there. “In a minute. I’m right in the middle of--what’s this?” Church leaned closer to the glass cage. Smears of blood and pus half obscured the rat. The visible parts of the rat made the scientist gasp. “Those markings, those tumors, and what’s that? Good Lord, it can’t be. Oh no! Abort! Abort!”
Church pounded buttons frantically trying to stop the computer from analyzing the traumatic information. “This can’t be. We have safe-guards. How is this happening? That rat shouldn’t grow. It shouldn’t be scratching itself bloody. What was different? What?” Church moved to a bookshelf. He leafed through months of research and testing results, notes of the work he’d done in this lab, work that should be beneficial to mankind and medicine. Not...this. “Impossible!”
“Doctor,” the intercom said, “I’m coming in!”
“No, no. You mustn’t. Critical research!” This can’t be happening.
The electronic door lock sizzled. A loud pop of the airlock used to keep out unclean air preceded the heavy door being kicked open. The sterile white lights turned blood red and the alarm screamed.
“What do you think you’re doing, soldier?” Church shielded the glass cage with the mutating rat with his body as if the act would keep all contaminants out of the room, and maybe the soldier wouldn’t notice the horror unleashed by the serum. Underneath the scientist the lab rat, now fully four times its original size, was hissing and began shrieking with what sounded like an attempt at speech. Blood and fur were splattered against the interior of the glass cage and the rat was oozing black, oil-like fluids from several self-inflicted wounds.
The soldier quickly marched toward the doctor and grabbed him by the arm. The soldier’s grip was strong as an oak. It matched his green camo that all the soldiers wore while guarding this secret forest base. “We need to go. Now.” He tugged at the scientist.
“Wait,” Dr. Church said. “My work! I can’t just abandon it. I have to more tests...the reaction was monumental! I need more time time to--”
The rat collapsed, twitching and oozing in the glass testing cage.
“No. No! I need to run another test. The serum--”
Yanking the doctor practically off his feet the soldier said, “We have to go, now! The base is under attack. The Patriots are all over the area. Intel’s down. We’ve been breached.”
Stray pops and cracks of gunshots were heard, echoing through the lab, confirming the soldier’s report. Church shook his head and pleaded, “I can’t. I can’t leave now. I’m almost there! Don’t you know what this research means?”
“No,” stated the soldier. “And I don’t care. We leave.” More gunshots, followed by distant screams and explosions, filled the base.
Church said, “Wait! In this state the serum is dangerous. If I don’t figure out how to isolate the biometric assault genome it could, it could become strong enough to wipe out the entire state! I need more time. Right now this serum, if mixed with the proper chemicals, could potentially become the next Black Plague.”
The soldier just glared at Church with eyes hard as steel, showing no sign of fear even though his life and career was threatened by the invaders. “Well let’s just hope it doesn’t ever mix with the proper chemicals, then, shall we?”

Smoke began slithering into the lab through the open door. The alarm sirens from the whole base were wailing. Shots fired in the hallway made Dr. Church jump and the soldier go rigid. The soldier lowed the visor of his helmet to help prevent the smoke from disorienting him. He checked to make sure his weapon was off safety and clear to fire. “We’re too late, Dr. Stay low and work your way to the left. I’ll send a volley into the first group that enters. Keep your head covered and down. When the lab gets quiet run like mad!”
But the serum...Dr. Church had to keep it from becoming a weapon. Thousands, perhaps millions, would die.
Deafening gunfire ripped into the lab. Glass observation cages shattered, beakers blew apart, the once sterile, clean floor rippled and spat with automatic weapon’s fire. Something like sharp fire tore through the scientist’s calf. The wound felt like volcanic magma.
Dr. Church was screaming and covering his ears. He was wasting his time. The shots were too loud to make out anything else. Deaf with a horrible ringing, Church could feel the very air of the lab vibrate like a bass drum in erratic spurts. Deep in his chest he could feel the base guard blasting away at a hazy intruder in the smoke. Terror turned the scientist’s inside into fluttering liquid and his muscles tightened in fear. He was paralyzed! Wait, no, he could move, he just couldn’t move. “Run, you idiot. Run,” he yelled at himself.
“Go, you idiot. Go!” The soldier’s voice finally penetrated his fog of fear. “Get out of here!”
Church ran as fast as his weak, trembling legs would carry him...the wrong way. He’d run toward the observation glass, his immediate research miraculously unharmed by the spray of bullets and hail storm of ricocheting rounds.
The soldier shot a controlled three round burst into the smoke. Church noticed the entire lab had filled with the thick smoke, he just knew his way around so well that the dense smoke was not as big of an obstacle for him as the others. The smoke didn’t smell like a fire. It had a chalk-like smell to it.
The soldier’s voice cut through the smoke and hit the doctor. “The other left, Doc. Your other left!”
Dr. Joseph Church, in a vast act of courage, steeled himself, grabbed a handful of the Test Subject 118 serum vials and leaped to the left side of the room. He crawled through the dense smoke.
He abruptly stopped when he ran into a pair of khaki trousers decorated with ammo magazines, knives, and another smoke grenade canister.
The scientist shoved the vials of serum into his lab coat pockets and raised his hands in surrender. The doctor’s gaze traveled upward to glimpse the face of his killer. His gaze ended when he noticed his face was inches from the smoking business end of an ugly weapon. Behind the gun a muffled voice spoke from the depths of a visored helmet, “Live free or die!”
Dr. Church closed his eyes and waited for the shot that would spill his brains all over his lab.
He heard two shots...and didn’t die. Amazed, he slowly opened his eyes. On the floor in front of him lay his would-be killer, face mask cracked with a small, smoking hole where the bridge of the nose would be. In the red emergency lighting the blood leaking out of the visor looked like someone spilled an old fashioned ink well. The EXIT sign beckoned from behind the dead intruder.
But there were two shots, right?
His soldier/protector lay in a blood-pooling heap a few feet from the intruder. Dead. He died protecting me.
More shots in the base caused the doctor to jolt to his feet, hold his breath, and plunge through the exit and then down the hall and then through the carnage and mayhem that the secret forest research facility had become.
In fact, when Dr. Joseph Church finally stopped running, after his wounded leg cramped so badly he vomited, after he was away from the nightmare, hiding in the woods, looking back on the lab from a distance, the doctor’s eyes widened, his mouth opened in shock, his rapidly beating heart skipped a handful of beats, he sees SUBJECT 118! He cried to the heavens, “My God...what have I done...”

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