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Sigh. Just when you think it can't get any worse...


It's like every Criminal in Wishwell decided to band together. I guess I get it though. If the world is coming to an end, you might as well enjoy it. But these guys are bleeding Wishwell of any resources that are left. Pretty soon they'll have no choice but to move on to the next town. Which can only be a good thing.


But to make matters worse, they've begun fighting The if fighting the Sub 118's isn't enough.


Observations I've Made:


- I'd estimate there's about 25 of them

- I'm sure someone is in charge

- 1 Role Playing Staff

Friendly To: No one for now...

Especially Hostile To: The Military


I don't believe it. I just can't.


Without public knowledge, research in bio-engineering was being conducted right in our own backyard. I guess their research advanced beyond what they initially believed was possible. Or maybe they did know. I don't know. I don't know what to believe anymore.


Documents that were recovered state that someone named "Subject 118" was supposed to be the final test in a series of human trials that took place in Wishwell. And it went wrong.



Subject 118, or patient zero, became the source of a new virus that was created during the trials. This virus kills and reanimates its host. Those first infected by this virus became known as the "Sub 118's". It seems all they do is eat...

I still can't believe they didn't tell us...

Oh. Today I noticed that a few of the 118's were running. They've never done that before. I also saw one of them staring at a door for a few minutes....and then opened it. That's new. Some are getting smarter.

Observations I've Made:


- Today I counted about 35 of these things around town

- There definitely seems to be an alpha (maybe Subject 118?)

- 1 Role Playing Staff

Friendly To: None

Hostile To: All


Finally some good news.


Today the government deployed The Military to fight off the growing threat of the Criminal Faction. Which I guess is good since the police are gone. It seems their goal is to prevent the virus from spreading. Rumor has it the government believes they can end this outbreak here in Wishwell.


But I don't know if I can trust the government after what they pulled.


So far the Military seems somewhat friendly to the Civilians, but they're not letting anyone leave the city. 


Observations I've Made:


- Reports say only 20 troops were deployed

- 1 Officer

- 1 Role Playing Staff.

Friendly To: Civilians (maybe?)

Especially Hostile To: Criminals and Sub 118's


God, I feel bad for The Civilians. They're the only resemblance of anything good that's left in Wishwell.


Poor SOB's are lucky enough to have escaped the virus, but now they're caught in the cross fire between the Military, Criminals and the Sub 118's. These guys just want to escape this nightmare, but they can't.


I swear. Nobody wins in Wishwell...


Observations I've Made:


- Only about 15 left

Believe it or not, they've organized and have leadership.

- 1 Role Playing Staff

Friendly To: Anyone Willing To Help

Especially Hostile To: Sub 118's

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