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Knight Sky 3



A 12 hr straight military simulation event

Produced by Other World Airsoft/MILSIM

August 24/25/26, 2019

Gameplay begins Saturday at 12pm.


Win the day with completed objectives and map domination. Assemble your squads and prepare for battle. Player’s Skills will be tested as they battle through Castles, Cities, Bridges, Forts, and many more Challenging Environments that make up EMR.  Come Join the Battle if you can Handle the Massive 122 acre field. 

Registration: $50 https://mkt.com/other-world-milsim


Squad Reservation: Please read the rules and reserve your team a squad via Facebook Messenger or by contacting us at otherworldairsoft@gmail.com. You must reserve your team squad before registering for Knight Sky 3.


For additional please visit www.otherworldmilsim.com

Please print and sign both EMR and OWM Waivers prior to your arrival at EMR Event Park.





Who Can Play: The minimum age to play is 16 years old. All players under the age of 18 MUST have a waiver signed and a copy of a driver's license by a parent or legal guardian signed as well!


Safety: (OWM) considers safety its #1 priority. Airsoft & Milsim is designed for the mature and level-headed player. Common sense and the right, fair-play, honest attitude are a must at our events.

(OWM) requires everyone to have a barrel cover over the tip of their gun when not on the playing field, as well as magazine out and safety on! All pistols must be holstered.


All players are required to attend the safety briefing prior to the start of the game.


(OWM) approved face Protection must remain on at all times while on the field or chronograph areas. Do not remove face protection under any circumstance.

Fully sealed approved goggle systems must be used including approved full seal Airsoft goggles that meet or exceed ASTM standards. (ANSI Z87.1 and/or ASTM F- 1776-99a rated (or greater) ballistic eye protection will be accepted.)

The full face must be covered by a mask system, balaclava, bandanna, or other protection to prevent injury or penetration of BBs to face. There will be a Mandatory Ejection of any players lifting or removing goggle/ full-face mask system while in "goggle on" areas (Playing Field, Chronograph Area, Target Area) after being personally warned once. This includes any action in which a player touches his/her Eye Protection in such a way that the seal of the goggles is broken. NO MESH GOGGLES!


Cease Fire: Players or staff should call “cease fire” if you or another player is injured or loses their eye protection and requires immediate Admin/Medical attention. You will need to both vocally and via Comms (if possible) make the “cease fire” call with approximate location and details of the incident


Mandatory Equipment: Gun, Face Protection/Goggles, red dead rag, red dead light and camouflage to match team colors.


Recommended Equipment: Helmet, boots, knee pads, gloves.

YOU MAY NOT WEAR RED, OR FLUORESCENT CLOTHING OR GEAR. Red represents dead on the kill rag and Fluorescent represents ref or staff. This would confuse players.


No verbal abuse, name-calling, profanity, etc. will be tolerated.

No stealing, vandalizing, or fighting. (you will be turned over to the police)

No Drugs or Alcohol.

No Barricading doors or windows

No riot shields


Lasers will be aloud but shining them in the face of another player or at any vehicles used in our games will be result in an automatic ejection from the game.


Who's In Charge: Game Staff and Referees have the final say. No Arguing with Staff.


Teams:  Federation of America or FOA (green camo or street gear)

               Patriots (tan camo or black gear )

Accepted Camo Patterns - FEDERATION (GREEN TEAM)















Accepted Camo Patterns - PATRIOTS (TAN TEAM, BRAVO)














Your vest/pouches/backpack can be whatever color you wish but we recommend not wearing the opposing teams color of headgear. This will increase the chances of friendly fire.


You must follow our rules for camo or you will not be permitted to play. Please don't think you are going to be aloud to where woodland pants with a desert top. Match your top and pants with camo patterns of your team. NO SHORTS.

*There will be no armbands for our mil-sim games


Weapons: Our Milsim games are semi automatic only with the exception of Support weapons. There is no minimum engagement, except for snipers. (if you don't want to be shot at point blank then don't enter buildings).

1. Spring and Electric Weapons: MUST chronograph below 400 FPS with 0.25g BB's.

2. HPA, Gas, and CO2: Must chronograph 1.63 joules or lower with .25g BB’s.

3. Support Weapons: May chronograph up to 400 FPS with 0.25g BB's. Full Auto may be used with a cap of 35 RPS (rounds per second). Must     be an actual support weapon. Fixing your M4 with a box mag does not constitute a support weapon. If you have questions regarding the             status of your weapon, please contact OWM.

4. Snipers: MUST chronograph below 500 fps with 0.25g BB's. All snipers MUST be using a bolt-action single shot rifle only. No automatic or           semi-automatics allowed. Minimum engagement distance is 100 Ft.


    - Any weapons that do not chronograph below safety limits will not be allowed on the field! NO EXCEPTIONS!


    - If you are caught tampering with the FPS after you have chrono'd and have not re-chronoed your gun, YOU WILL BE EJECTED FROM THE       GAME!

    -All guns will be chrono'd by our staff.


5. Hand To Hand: NO PHYSICAL CONTACT OR HAND TO HAND COMBAT WILL BE ALLOWED. This includes touch kills, knife kills, or prisoners of war. Violation of this rule will result in immediate ejection.


Ammo: BIODEGRADABLE BB'S ONLY! Any weight BB can be used for game play after chronographs. (Metal or Ceramic BBs of are not permitted to be used. If caught using anything other than approved biodegradable bb's, there will be an automatic ejection from the facility). Vendors will have plenty of bio BB's for sale.


Dead Rag: (OWM) requires every player to have a red "dead rag" on their person while playing. The red dead rag is to be placed on top of your head or held up high when you are hit to symbolize you are out.

    - A red dead light may only be used at night. It just be red. Any other color is prohibited since game staff will be using a different color.

    - You are required to bring your own red dead rag and red dead light.


Mags: At (OWM) Mil-sim games you may only use mid cap or real cap mags. NO HIGH CAPS ALLOWED.


Hit Rule: If you are hit anywhere on your person or gear you are out.

    - Friendly fire counts.

    - All Hits count except for ricochets and gun hits.


MILSIM is a game of honor. CALL YOUR OWN HITS. Do not call opposing team players out. If you believe the hits on that player are not being called please inform game staff and they will look into it. Players caught cheating will get one warning and after that they will be ejected from the game.

After you are hit yell "HIT" or "OUT" and pull out your red dead rag or if it is night turn on your red dead light and make sure it is visible.

A wounder player must remain where hit and another player must simulate dragging the wounded player to a safe area.


Dead Man Tell No Tales. which means that if your are shot, you may not communicate with any player in play, that includes on the radio. The only thing you are allowed to do is call for a "MEDIC".

MEDIC RULE: At (OWM) Mil-sim games the medic rule is the “medic” must tie a white medic rope on the arm or leg of the wounded player in order to revive them. Medic ropes will be issued to medics at 2 ropes per player, per squad. The ropes can be divided however you like among medics.

    - Medics will be identified by wearing a white medic armband that we will supply.

    - (1) medic permitted with squads of 6 players or less.  

    - (2) medics permitted with squads of 6 players or more.

    - The role of medic can be transferred from one player to another, but only at your team command post.

    - Sniper teams of 2 players will receive 2 medic bands per player and can medic each other. They cannot medic players from other squads.

    - When your squad is completely out of medic bands and lives you must withdraw to your Command.

*Bleed out rule: There are no bleed outs! We have decided to eliminate this rule to help keep squads together and teams from using main point structures as hospitals.


SQUAD RULE: You may not return to your CP without your squad. This is a squad based game so stay together. If we see you walking the field without your squad we will make you go back to your command and wait for them. Each squad will need to designate a squad leader to communicate with your Team Command. Squad leaders must report to command via radio. In the past (OWM) has provided team radios, however we have decided to discontinue this.


IT IS A MANDATORY WITHDRAWAL for your entire squad if you are out of ammunition, medic ropes or water. It is the squad leaders responsibility to make the call and inform command. It's up to your squad if you want to incorporate fire team leaders.


Squad Type: OWM games have 5 types of squads per team.


1. SNIPER SQUAD:  A sniper squad is made up of 2 players a sniper and a spotter. The sniper squad will be asked to join other squads for missions from time to time. You will start the game 20 mins prior to everyone else.


2. RECON SQUAD: A recon squad is made up of up to 6 players. May only have 1 medic and 1 support weapon. Will be sent in first to recon the playing field.Will start the game 20 mins prior to everyone else.

Only 1 recon squad per team. Meant to be more stealth.


3. INTELLIGENCE SQUAD: Intelligence Squad is made up of up to 6 players. May only have 1 medic and 1 support weapon. The main objective for the game for this squad with be to gather Intel, taking pictures of objects or players on the Intel list. A camera will not be provided. So bring your own. Other players giving pictures that are not on the intel squad will be penalized and all intel points will be awarded to the other team.  Each photo will be worth 20 points for your team at the end of the game. Only 1 Intelligence squad per team.


4. DEMOLITION SQUAD: The demolition squad is considered explosive experts. Made up of 3 to 6 players. 1 medic, 1 support weapon. The demolition squad is the only squad that can transport the missiles and explosives to and from command. Also they are the only ones that can move and arm/disarm the clock bomb prop.


5. ASSAULT SQUAD: Assault team is the most common and can have up to 11 players. Assault teams of less than 6 may be paired with other squads. Assault Squads with 7 or more players may have up to 2 medics and 2 support weapons. Assault Squads with 6 or less players are allowed only 1 medic and 1 support weapon. Most of your missions will be to take control of certain areas. You do the dirty work. There is no limit to the amount of Assault Squads per team.


Grenades: In order to kill a player with a grenade your grenade must discharge. (Thunder B's, Tornado, EG-67 etc.)


    -Indoor Rule: 15' kill radius for indoors. For indoors you can use hard cover to shield yourself from the blast. Be fare hard cover is not a net or     a cardboard box.


    -Outdoor Rule: To kill a player outside a building with a grenade, it must discharge bb's and hit the enemy. EG-67 explosive grenades will be       allowed.


Smoke: At (OWM) games, cold burning sport smoke is allowed but may not be used in buildings of any kind. Red smoke may not be used since it will be used by game staff only.


Radios: (not mandatory) but highly recommended for communicating with your squad.

     - Squad leaders must have a radio to communicate with command. We highly recommend baofang uv-5r. (OWM) will no longer provide                radios. 


Mission: Main objective will be controlling buildings. Scoring will be taken every 1-3 hours. 

     - Command will be giving random missions to squads throughout the game.

     - There are also 3 clock props in play which you can gain points hourly for your team.


Frago Missions: A frago mission is a staged mission. During these missions your squad will go head to head against our OpFor.



Event Schedule



1500 - Event staff on site

1700 - Registration opens

1800 - Chronographs opens (only open if a decent amount of players are ready to chrono)

2130 - Registration and crono close

2000 - Rules for those who want to get them over with. Will not have to attend rules again on sat. An armband will be issued show rule completion.


0800 - Chronographs and registration opens

1000 - Rules

1100 - Formation at stage

1130 - Enter field starting points

1200 - Game start for Recon and Sniper squads

1220 - Game starts for everyone else




0001 - Fighting Ends

0030 - Score and Raffle.

0100 - Knight Sky 3 ends